We LOVE everything about this stunning GEM-especially the price! No question this piece was carefully taken from the bank 116 years ago and saved lovingly ever since. The surfaces are seriously PERFECT. Use a microscope, you will find ZERO impairments of ANY size, ANY Where. A strong luster illuminates superb ORIGINAL GEM MINT RED colors that have a slight highlight of gold. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have amazing full strikes. The eye appeal is great you’ll never want to put this coin away-we sure don’t! PCGS 13, NGC 3, CAC 2. There are no other records for any PCGS CAC piece ever selling at auction. Hard to believe in 2006, these traded for $15-$20,000.00. The market really has pushed these on sale-dramatically. We assure you, if there are 12 others graded MS67RD, maybe 1-2 will come close to this this coins spectacular quality and eye appeal. NOW is the time to buy and place a killer coin like this in your set!

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