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Item# 50027

This is a totally heart stopping AMAZING GEM Proof Indian Cent!

Outstanding deep mirrors blaze from all over. The mirrors are unusually crystal clear, super clean, and have an intense reflection. The mirrors have a deep rolling “watery” look. Both sides are a gorgeous totally original fire Mint Red/pale gold color. There are NO flecks, just a few toning dots scattered around. Miss Liberty and the details are so thickly frosted they look like they were carved out from a block of reddish gold copper. Every feature is needle sharp in strike too. The eye appeal is not only sensational, but is one you just won’t ever forget!

PCGS 2, NGC 0, CAC 2. The other PR67 RD CAC piece sold for $22,325.00 02/2016. It actually has some light fading in color and was not as cameo’d . We assure you, if you seek ONE WILD fully cameo Proof Indian Cent-this is it!



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