1C 1908-S PCGS MS66 RD CAC


This coin is VERY HIGH END. It is a real GEM ORIGINAL MINT RED color. The surfaces are exceptionally clean and smooth. Only with a very strong glass can you find a few microscopic flecks (not PVC or any thing growing). A decent luster enhances the GEM ORIGINAL Mint red color. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck-with no visible weakness on the feathers. We can not stress how much BETTER this pieces then the majority of 1908S ‘s we have ever seen. The eye appeal is fabulous! PCGS 46, NGC 24, CAC 9. Last year, these have sold in auction with prices ranging from $6,462.00 to $8,812.00. This coin should be paired with the $8,812.00 coin as it is that much nicer. If you are building a high end GEM set and are picky, this is your coin!

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