1C 1908-S PCGS MS66+


What an amazing and ULTRA HIGH END coin. If this had been graded MS67, we would not have flinched. Its by far one of the BEST 1908S 1C we have ever seen (and we have handled a few). To start, the surfaces are amazing. They are totally flawless. Even using a strong glass and looking all over, we were extremely impressed. There is one microscopic tick/or planchet break below her eye that could be all PCGS saw from grading this coin MS67RD. This issue can ONLY be seen with a strong glass. A really strong luster radiates all over. Both sides are a totally original GEM Mint red color. There are NO spots, flecks, or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and offer delicate frost. The eye appeal is phenomenal! PCGS 60, NGC 26, CAC 18. PCGS has graded 9 in MS66+RD with only one (no bean) higher. We’d absolutely challenge every MS66+ and the MS67RD to confirm this coin is either #1 or #2 best. The quality is THAT high end. The last one that sold in auction brought $10,575.00 way back in 12/2015. For sure this is not that coin as this coin has been away since 2010. This coin ABSOLUTELY WILL please the pickiest Indian Cent Collector. It will be the star of ANY set!