1C 1911 PCGS PR64RB


A piece from the same group that the 1910 and 1911 PR65 Rd are from. These have all been off the market for a few years. this piece is still in an older green tag PCGS holder. We do grade this coin high end.

Not a full PR65, we do think its borderline. The surfaces are totally original. A strong luster shows off light brownish toning that is even on both sides. There are some toning spots-but NO flecks or other spots. Lincoln and the details are needle sharp and boldly stand out. The eye appeal is terrific!

PCGS 85, NGC 29. Do not let the pops fool you, these are not showing up in any frequency. We have no records of any PCGS PR64RB selling in any major auctions. An NGC coin sold for $748.00 05/07.


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