Legend Numismatics is honored to have exclusively been tasked by the coins owner to sell this classic of all classic rarities! 

The owner has a deep love for this coin and needs to move for personal reasons. His request to us, find it a loving home. It had been in our auction at much higher reserve and failed to sell.

Here was the auction description:

Legend Rare Coin Auctions is honored to present this classic 20th century numismatic treasure. This awesome coin is truly legendary and recognized by collectors and dealers alike as one of the most sought after and famous of all 20th century rarities. The 1943 Copper or Bronze cent has been the subject of millions of phone calls to coin shops over the years and a date that had us all digging through pocket change and rolls of pennies from the bank with the hopes that we would be lucky enough to find one!

Well luck has shined on us because this presently offered coin is the REAL DEAL, and is truly among the FINEST KNOWN extant specimens. It has been recognized for its quality as the plate coin for the 100 Greatest US Coins. There are 20 enumerated in the combined PCGS and NGC Population data, accounting for upgrades, regrades, crossovers, and the like, perhaps 10-15 distinct examples are known in all grades, mostly circulated, ranging from XF45-AU58.

During World War II, various metals, namely copper and nickel were needed for military purposes, including munitions and were therefore commandeered for that purpose, causing the mint to look for other metals that could be used in the production of Lincoln Cent coinage.

In 1943, the copper and tin in the bronze planchets used for the ubiquitous cent were needed for war production. Some experimentation took place in 1942, with the silver colored zinc coated steel cent of 1943 being issued for circulation. It does seem that some 1942 planchets were left over in the coinage hoppers which were then struck in 1943, and released accidentally. The first one to be discovered was received in change from a school cafeteria in March 1947 by Don Lutz, Jr. That coin recently graded AU53 by NGC and sold in the 2019 FUN auction, see more below.

The presently offered MS61RB is very high end for the grade, and while we make no guarantees, we think this coin is undergraded, the eye appeal is certainly much better than what you would expect for a 61. Additionally, the technical grade is fantastic in all aspects including strike, luster and aesthetic appeal.

This sharply struck coin is the FINEST and only coin graded by PCGS in the RB designation. Easily identified as the James Schirrippa Collection coin, with its tiny spot by the L in LIBERTY and small mark next to the C in CENT. Rich orange color mixes with some violet-blue patina over smooth brown surfaces.

With a coin of this rarity and fame, the numeric grade almost doesn’t matter, the opportunity to add such a RARE coin does not come up that often! Do you realize, if you become the proud new owner of this classic rarity, you take your place in history as one of only a handful of collectors throughout the world to have the privilege to do so? This isn’t just a coin, this is a national treasure that represents an era in history when the free world defeated the oppression and imperialism of Japan and totalitarianism of Nazi Germany! A time when people came together to save lives, fight for freedom, and advance the good of mankind. In your hand will be the coin that forever symbolizes all of this struggle and triumph, and arguably the greatest generation in American history.

PCGS 1, NGC 1, CAC 1. This coin does not have an auction record anywhere. We sold a PCGS AU55 CAC in our May 2014 Regency Auction for a record $329,000. As the ONLY RB graded, this coin carries a Collectors Universe value of $425,000. With just a single PCGS MS62 finer, a coin that will not likely be offered anytime soon, as it is impounded in the Bob Simpson Collection, this is the BEST PCGS graded coin available! We KNOW our own record could fall when this important American numismatic treasure crosses the block. Good luck!

We think that description covers it all!


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