1943 P PCGS MS68 CAC

This date in this grade is the “silent stopper”.

The quality is real MS68-superior surfaces are super clean and satiny. Both sides enjoy a full booming luster. There are no spots. Lincoln is fully struck and has light frost. The eye appeal is powerful! PCGS 67, NGC 32, CAC 20. The last one to sell in auction brought $3,960.00 01/2020. Prior to that, one brought $7,200.00 09/2019. With only 20 pieces CAC’d, that is NOT many that will be available!


A booming luster beams powerfully from all over. There are zero imperfections visible. Using a strong glass all we found as a single microscopic (and we mean micro) tick on the obverse. A few lines are visible on the reverse and look like they were Mint made. Lincoln is needle sharp in strike. The eye appeal is bold! PCGS 153, NGC 62, CAC 30. The last PCGS CAC piece to sell in auction brought $3,360.00 01/2020. In 2019, these brought $2,280.00 to $4,080.00. Do not let the pops fool you here!

1943-S PCGS MS68 CAC

Most likely this magnificent coin was never touched since it left the bank. Every thing about this piece signals perfection.

An intense luster beams from all over. The surfaces are satiny and are super clean. Even using a strong glass and looking all over will yield you NO THING!  Every detail is fully struck. This is another luster bomb and killer eye appealing of a Zinc Cent! PCGS 115, NGC 55, CAC 57. The PCGS CAC piece to sell in auction brought $5,400.00 07/2019.

We did all the hard work for you in build this wonderful 3 piece P-D-S set. At today’s price, we think these represent strong potential and good value. For sure this is a “Legend” caliber group of coins!

NOTE: this is NOT the set we sold late 2019. We think these are neat as heck as sets to own-especially in the FINEST grades.

WE HAVE POSTED THIS SET AT OUR BEST PRICEthis is being sold as a set only

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