Call the cops! We stole this coin. When going through the box, we stopped short when we first saw this coin. We could not believe how EXTREMELY HIGH END it is. We looked at it over and and over. Our opinion is this coin sat somewhere untouched for 65 years and naturally toned.

Remarkable surfaces are perfect. Even using a strong glass you won’t even find any hidden problems. A mellow and totally original color of some brown with a hint of blue is on both sides.  We’d guesstimate this coin is 60% GEM original red. The luster actually comes though with excellent strength. Lincoln and all the details are well struck. You do not need a glass to the see the doubling.  The eye appeal is amazing!

PCGS 11, NGC 15, CAC 6. The last PCGS CAC piece to sell in auction brought $32,400.00 03/2020. We never ever see this date offered in GEM. MS RB is the top grade (not even any +).  An MS65 RD PCGS CAC would cost at least $50,000.00-if you could even find one (an PCGS CAC  65+ RD brought $114,000.00 03/2018)!

We can’t state enough that this is an EXTREMELY HIGH END coin. To us, this will always be ranked with the greatest Lincoln Cents that exist! Seeing is believing.



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