Ex Twin Leafs Collection. When we see extraordinary pieces like this the secret “copper weenie’ in us comes out. It seems like forever we have felt GEM PR Half Cents and Large Cents are undervalued as well as being super neat coins. So when we see them looking like this-we buy them! Surprisingly strong mirrors are deep and clean. There are a few microscopic planchet issues that are probably what keeps this coin from a full PR65BN. To the naked eye the surfaces look smooth. A beautiful mix of totally original brown/faded red/pale green/violet colors evenly blanket both sides. Save for the uneven striking pressure at 12-4:00 on the obverse every minute detail is needle sharp in strike. We grade the reverse a full PR65BN. The eye appeal is phenomenal! It is estimated that LESS then 12 were minted. That’s rarer then a 1804 $1 or 94S 10C! PCGS 2, NGC 0, CAC 2. PCGS has graded only one coin higher-a PR65BN. Only recently did this coin make its first auction appearance since 1992. This piece is EX Floyd Starr and R Tettenhorst (the Missouri cabinet). Once this coin is sold-good luck on finding any others! If you go to the biggest shows and search the biggest auctions, you can NOT find coins of such superior quality or rarity like this. Whey its not $75-$100,000.00 is anyone’s guess.


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