$2.5 1848 CAL PCGS XF 45


This coin is so on the fence to being an AU. We unhesitatingly call this coin a SUPERB GEM XF+!

Most important: this coin oozes all over with GEM originality. There is absolutely NO question that this piece has never been messed with. The surfaces are clean overall. You need a strong glass to see some super old and super light scattered pinpoint ticks. The luster is super light-which is the only thing we think keeps this coin from n AU designation. Both sides area SUPER GEM and totally original deeper gold color. There are NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are well struck but do have some slight softness on the reverse. The eye appeal is great!

ONLY 1389 were minted. PCGS 9, NGC 4, CAC 2. CAC has only beaned 14 for the entire date (Only 8 are higher then XF)! The last 1848 CAL to sell in auction was a NON CAC piece. It brought $52,000.00 08/2018. The current PCGS  CAC value is $63,500.00. We are happy to say, the piece offered here we purchased from  collector who owned many for years. So purchasing this coin is like picking a tomato right off the vine!

This coin is the ultimate in numismatic history. You can buy it just for that, a box of 20, a $2.5 set, or for any reason. We assure you, you will NOT see many PCGS CAC pieces ever popping up for sale!


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