What a wicked neat treasure ship coin. Forget about  where it came from, it does indeed happen to be one of the nicer Kellogg pieces we have encounter in many years! This coin sure does not look like it sat under the ocean for a hundred years. We know it was conserved, however, it looks only slightly dipped to us (NOT striped or harshly cleaned). Overall, the surfaces are clean smooth. Even under a strong glass there are only a few scattered tiny ticks to find. A surprisingly strong luster does beam boldly from all over. Both sides are a pretty and even yellow gold color. There are no spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are very well struck. There is some weakness in the stars. The eye appeal is fantastic! From the Ship wreck PCGS has graded 2 coins with 14 finer.  In regular PCGS  holders they have graded only 1 AU58+. CAC has beaned at total of 6 in AU58. We cannot find any accurate price guides for a coin like this. We think the coin is very fairly priced and will be a great addition to any collection. The coin is from the SS Central America. It is believed to have been coin the crew or the passengers had. All coins have now been dug up, graded, and distributed. We are working very close on this coin!

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