These treasure ship coins are so wicked cool. The team did such an incredible job cleaning them up after sitting under water for 100+ years-you’d never know it save for the fact the holder says Ship of Gold. We do consider this coin a high end piece. Outstanding surfaces are smooth and are clean over all. If you look really hard all you can detect are a few small frost breaks and a tiny tick or two-there is NOTHING that is eye catching. A full booming luster beams intensely from all over. The color is a brilliant gold. There re NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and he details are frosty and are very well struck. The eye appeal is tremendous! PCGS 1. In the regular pop listing PCGS has done 16. The pop we listed for is ONLY from this dive-the last dive possible. The Collectors Universe value is $42,500.00. Do not be scared of any ship wreck premiums, as seen with the very first group sold, there are still dozens of market makers who have made sure the values remain firm or better. This is not flash in the pan marketing!   Plus, in 1/2018, we sold a coin from he first group in our auction for $35,250.00. It should be noted, TY $20 in Choice to GEM are very rare any way! This coin is housed in he bigger holder that contains the “pinch” of gold. This may be one of the few chances to buy any 1856S $20 from this group.