Legend Numismatics is proud to own and offer this magnificent and extremely historical GEM TYI $20. We shake our heads in bewilderment that this coin actually sat on the ocean floor for so many years. The fact it survived all that happened in a unheard of condition like this defies logic! We consider this coin to be a legit MS67.9+! We can not imagine a finer TY I could ever exist (none do).

Unbelievable surfaces are exactly that. Even using a strong glass and skimming the satiny surfaces for a few minutes will yield you NO imperfections-not even tiny ones. A full glowing luster beams boldly from all over. Both sides have a crisp and deeper orange gold on the rims that opens into lighter yellow gold centers. A splash of toning can be seen in the middle of the shield. There are NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and every detail are frosty and are fully struck. The eye appeal is jaw dropping and then some!

For this group (the very first group) from the wreck, the PCGS pop is 8 with just the + as higher. CAC has beaned a total of only 9 coins this includes BOTH groups). Legend has sold two MS67 from the original batch and two from the new batch.  ALL coins are now graded and are accounted for. Prior to this wreck being discovered, there was no such thing as even an MS64 for a TYI $20 1857S!

 It is from the first group of Shipwreck coins. 

Legend Numismatics is proud to own and offer this magnificent coin. Not only is it one of the best TY 1’s that exist-it is from a genuine Treasure Ship find! Clearly this is a once in a life time opportunity.

Our price is as lower then ANY MS67 has been sold for (as far as we know). These had typically been selling $150-$165,000.00 range. Opportunity knocks so loud here! Time will make this an extremely valuable rarity for sure. 


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