We only buy these when they are still in their original holders. So many have been cracked out and upgraded. This coin clearly is VERY HIGH END, however we feel strongly against  playing the crack out game with these because they are so historic in the original holders.

The surfaces are a super thick satiny texture. Only when you use a strong glass can you see a few light scuffs on the obverse only scattered around. In fact we do grade the reverse pretty much a MS65. There is a surprisingly strong luster that beams from all over. A beautiful hint of deeper orange gold can be seen towards the rims. The conservators did a marvelous job. Miss Liberty and the details are exceptionally struck.

There are NOT many of these “Bro Jo” coins that survived. We doubt if even 1/4 are still in their original holders. Do NOT confuse Bro Jo with the many times larger Central America coins. The Bro Jo hoard is small.

PCGS 130, NGC 71, CAC . You have to go all the way back to 2016 when one sold in auction. It bought $31,725.00. Legend has not owned one MS64 since 2006. If you seek a world class piece of numismatic and general history, this is an exciting opportunity-it is from a real Treasure Ship!