All High Reliefs are admired by the majority of collectors (even non gold). This Superb GEM  masterpiece has had the creme de la creme of owners and is considered one of the finest High Reliefs that exists! It is so dreamy fresh original.

You can’t miss this coins killer “deep dish” look. The surfaces are virtually perfect. Even using a strong glass you will not be disappointed. A strong luster (for an HR) beams from all over. Both sides enjoy swirls of original gold/orange gold/reddish gold colors. There is a light toning dot on the rays on the obverse. Of course Miss Liberty and every detail look chiseled and stand out in a 3-D fashion. The eye appeal is tremendous!

PCGS 9, NGC 20, CAC 3. The coin prior to this that sold in auction we paid $312,000.00 08/2019. The popularity of these NEVER has faded. They truly are one of the most beautiful coins ever created.

Now you can add YOUR name to the great pedigree of this SUPERB GEM. This is not just a Saint, its a SUPERB GEM High Relief-one of the most beautiful coins ever minted! This magnificent coin will be the highlight  of ANY Gold set or box of 20.


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