$20 1909S PCGS MS64+


Yes, this coin is a + in a PCGS Secure Plus holder. It is also ex Simpson Collection (it was one of his dupes).

Mr Simpson loves his gold. However, his mandate to us has been buy the BEST for the grade and make sure it has color and or great eye appeal. While this coin is not two tone, it has awesome looks. Both sides are amazingly clean and have a strong luster. The color is a rich yellow gold. There are NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and are well struck. We did compare this piece to a non CAC MS65 we have. Its scarey how close they are. Regardless, if you seek a VERY high end 09S, this is your coin!

We do not have the + pops, so we will tell you the regular pops: PCGS 1645, NGC 1325, CAC 37. A PCGS MS65 CAC coin is worth $6,000.00 easily (CAC has only stickered 9).


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