There is no way to top this coins pedigree! How can you find fault with a piece that has resided in the two greatest collections EVER formed? We saw NO problems! Sensational satiny smooth surfaces have no imperfections. Even if you you sue a strong glass you will find no problems. In fact what you will see is a very neat doubling of the face. A moderate luster enhances the even deep champagne/pale brown colors ¬†that spear all over. These color are NOT dull or sandy/smokey. Miss Liberty and the details are extremely sharp in strike. The eye appeal is excellent! PCGS 8, NGC 10, CAC 1. The last PCGS MS66 (NO CAC) to sell brought $17,625.00 08/2015. Nice PCGS CAC pieces have been selling $22-$30,000.00 recently. This coin definitely “fell through the cracks” at Pogue. Unlike the gold, we were watching the Bust Halves in case any went cheap. this is the ONLY one we would buy!  


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