No question is remarkable GEM is a borderline MS68. After examining it, you’ll know why it was included in the #1 all time MS Seated Half Dime set. Exceptional surfaces are devoid of any size problem. With a strong glass all you can see are minor die clashing (Mint made) lines. Overall, the surfaces have a semi matte like texture. The luster is strong. Both sides are evenly toned and creamy off what beautiful pale gold color. This coin has never been dipped or stripped.Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have needle sharp strikes. The eye appeal is exceptional! PCGS 3, NGC 5, CAC 8. This is not only the ONLY MS67+ graded by PCGS, it is the FINEST 1852 graded. A PCGS MS67 sold for $6,463.00 06/2014. Think about this, here you can buy the all time finest piece of a 164 year old date in a series that is obsolete for UNDER $10,000.00! SOUNDS TOO CHEAP!


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