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Item# 50867

Most important: this is the real deal of a Proof! This pieces is fully mirrored on both sides. We also can not find much reason as to why it is not a PR65. Plus, this coin is just a great classic rarity!

Impeccable surfaces are covered by smooth and crisp mirrors. The depth, clarity, and flash of them are all bold. A very stable and pretty totally original mix of olive/purple/blue/green/deep silver colors swirl all over on both sides. As you expect on a Proof, the details are microscopic needle sharp and stand out. There is a small thin impression of the face-that apparently was made when the coin was minted. The eye appeal is phenomenal!

The mintage is estimated at a mere 10 coins! That is rarer than a 94S 10C or even a 1804 $1! PCGS 1, NGC 1, CAC 1. There is one PCGS PR66 (which we have seen-and has questionable color). This coin last sold back in 08/2012 for $88,125.00. It is our strong opinion, this coin offered here should be worth $125-$150,000.00 minimum. Think about it, we just sold an 81S $1 MS68+ in our auction for $44,000.00 and some modern PR70 widget of something sold last year for $85,000.00. Shouldn’t a an amazing and classically rare piece like this be worth far more? We assure you, there won’t be many-if any similar coins ever offered for sale!


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