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Item# 51712

This is an unquestionable GEM Bust Quarter with a tremendous pedigree: Eliasberg/Pogue. Can’t top that! Plus, this piece for sure is in the top 5% graded for the date.

Superior surfaces are ultimate in cleanliness and smoothness. Even using a strong glass you see NO impairments of ANY size, ANY where. The luster is moderate. Both sides are evenly covered by moderate shades of totally original olive/pewter/faint gold/pale blue. This is NOT a dull or drab coin. Miss Liberty and every detail are needle sharp in strike. The eye appeal is nice!

PCGS 2, NGC 4, CAC 1. The other Pogue example (with darker toning and NOT CAC) sold for $52,875.00 in the same sale. The coin offered here realized $32,900.00-which to us was cheap. We think ANY Early Bust 25C in GEM and CAC should be worth at least $40-$50,000.00. PCGS has only graded 2 coins finer (one sold for $70,400.00 10/2014).

No matter how picky you are, this coin will MORE then please you!If you seek a GEM Bust 25C-Eliasberg and Pogue did all the hard work for you!  Got duplicates or stuff laying around ? Put them in our July Auction and get instant credit to buy a coin like this-call for details are restrictions.


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