We unhesitatingly pronounce this coin to be one the greatest toned Small Size Bust Quarters that exists! Plus, the quality is insanely HIGH END. This coin was bust ed out of any NGC MS67 holder which was ridiculous. We felt the coin should have crossed, but to deny it even a + is insane! Still, the coin is all there and then some. Exquisite surfaces are remarkably clean and silky smooth. A surprisingly strong luster helps promote a toning show worthy of the 4th of July! Stunning rings of amber/pearl green/royal blue/violet frame the peripheries and open into creamy white centers. Everyone knows Newman housed his coins in cardboard albums for years-so there is no question about the colors. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and have crisp strikes. The eye appeal is jaw dropping and unforgettable! PCGS 4, NGC 1, CAC 2. The Pogue coin sold for $99,875.00 05/2015. We 100% state the coin offered here BLOWS that coin away-in EVERY respect! Actually, this coin blows away the vast majority of ALL Small Size Bust Quarters in top grade. If you are building an out of this world 25C or Type set, this coin is a “must see”. It will also be the SUPER STAR of ANY great collection!


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