When we first saw this SUPERB GEM, out hearts raced. It is one of the BEST pieces we have ever seen for the Type. The quality is clearly VERY high end!

In fact, we unhesitatingly state this coin is BETTER than the MS66 that sold in Pogue for only $54,050.00 (and was NOT CAC).  Had this coin been nice and CAC-it easily would have brought $65,000.00+ Exquisite surfaces are a collector’s delight. Only if you use a strong glass and look really hard will find a pinpoint tick or two and that is it. Overall, the surfaces are clean and satiny smooth. A glowing type luster illuminates the beautiful toning. Moderate and very pretty shades of totally original purple/gold/pale blue/deep champagne swirl all over. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and are boldly struck. The eye appeal is seriously gorgeous!

PCGS 2, NGC 6, CAC 4. PCGS has graded 2 coins MS65+. It is nearly impossible to find this date really nice like this. The last PCGS MS65 CAC sold in auction for $32,900.00 in 06/2014. This coin brought $34,075.00 for our 3/2019 sale. We just love the coin and had to buy it.  Even though PCGS has graded 3 higher-only ONE is CAC  (we estimate that coin at $60-$65,000.00). We can not stress enough the beauty and superior quality of this piece. If you are building a GEM MS Quarter or Type set, this coin will easily be a star!