Ultra Ultra Ultra deep mirrors make this coin SUPER HIGH END and SUPER remarkable! Did we mention how incredibly deep and flashy the mirrors are? We’d be they use this coin to bring the Space Shuttle in at night! There is one tiny planchet cut in the right field, other wise this coin is of full 66+ quality. When you twirl the coin, it looks like a river of metalic blinding flash. Some stunning original toning hugs the outer rims only. The contrast is insane. Miss Liberty and the details look carved from a fresh frosted block of ice. They could not stand out anymore then this. The eye appeal blows away 99% of ALL DCamoe’d coins. We consider this coin to be a full MONSTER! Only 725 minted. PCGS 5, NGC 1, CAC 3. The last one to sell (prior to this ) brought $5,750.00 01/2011. The current Collectors Universe Value is $5,750.00. We really think a coin like this should be worth $7,500.00-$10,000.00. We’re sure it will get there over time. WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE