25C 1871-CC PCGS AU55


Yes, this is the great Gene Gardner piece that sold recently. We went after it because it actually was going to fall through the cracks and Legend sold it to Gene for $92,500.00 in 2009. This coin clearly makes the rank of GEM AU by our standards! Remarkably clean and satiny surfaces are a delight to behold. Even using a microscope the most you would find are a few tiny scattered ticks. To the naked eye the surfaces are perfect looking! A slight luster enhances the wonderful and totally original shades of pale burnt orange/golden brown/blue that evenly cover both sides. Miss Liberty and the details are exceptionally struck and do stand out. The eye appeal is phenomenal! PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. The quality, rarity, and value of this coin are UNDISPUTED by any qualified numismatist or CC collector. This is the ONLY opportunity to buy a very nice 71CC 25C. The MS65 is in very strong hands parked in a major collection. The current Collectors Universe Value just dropped down from $95,000.00 to a ridiculous $89,000.00. We had been prepared to pay $95,000.00 for this piece-you certainly can NOT get anything similar. It is beyond a powerful statement for rarity that after 30+ years of operations, PCGS has only graded this AU55 (four total in AU) and one MS65!


This has been sold or is no longer available
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