Hard to believe but this duplicate from the #1 all time MS Barber Quarter Collection-the RSD Collection. Yes, a duplicate! This is one of the few true MS68’s that exist. If you buy only the “best of the best”, this coin is for you.

You can go over and over this coin with a glass, microscope, or what ever and it will pass every test. To call this coin perfect is an understatement!  The surfaces enjoy a thicker satiny like texture. A bold glowing lust really makes the coin stand out. Marvelous and totally original colors of deep blue/navy/purple/deep champagne swirl all over. Miss Liberty and every details are razor sharp in strike and have delicate frost. The eye appeal is stunning!

PCGS 4, NGC 6, CAC 8 (totally wrong number). There has not been one sold in auction since 2006. Even back then these were $20,000.00. Today, good luck finding any others as the RSD Collection has 8 MS68’s total and Legend has placed 3 others. This may very well be the ONLY PCGS CAC MS68 to come to the market for a very long time

This coin was replaced by the out of this world MONSTER (not that this coin is not) PCGS MS68+ CAC. The RSD Collection is#1 all time.It is 100% PCGS CAC and is all about quality and eye appeal!

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