WOW, WOW, WOW! Did we saw WOW??? This is a pure stunning MONSTER of a Proof! Exceedingly ULTRA deep mirrors explode from all over. You need sunglasses to view this coin with. The mirrors have the ultimate in clarity and are ultra clean. The contrast look like a chilled medal and is monster looking! The flash of this coin can be seen for a block away. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and have frost so thick it looks like it was carves from a block of ice. The eye appeal is outrageous and tremendous! Only 755 minted. PCGS 12, NGC 17, CAC 5. We paid strong for this coin, because it is a full Legend quality MONSTER! You can’t buy a wild coin like this cheap. Who needs a PR68 when you can have a crazy Ultra Black and white GEM like this for less? PR Barbers have been so beaten down. We do HIGHLY recommend building a set in PR64-67. WE HAVE¬† POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE


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