25C 1903 PCGS PR66+


Really wicked stunning mirrors! Can’t miss these mirrors from across the room. They have great clarity, are super clean, and do offer bold reflection. The obverse is evenly covered by a iridescent mix of deep aqua blue/green/gold. The reverse probably was on felt and has that purple/blue color. The colors are NOT dull or drab and are totally original Miss Liberty and every detail are needle sharp in strike and do exhibit frost. The eye appeal is awesome. ONLY 755 were minted. PCGS 46, NGC 45, CAC 11. This is the ONLY PR66+ graded by PCGS. It is a totally FRESH coin to the market. You know how we feel about how badly the prices of coins like this have been beaten down over the past 2 years. Start or add this great coin to a set (a sate can be completed too). Or just put it away. Opportunity knocks loud here! WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE!   


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