Absolutely outrageous quality and eye appeal. This coin is a MONSTER! Outrageous neon-like ultra-deep mirrors beam wildly from all over. The clarity, cleanliness, and blinding reflection are just crazy. This coin is night and day when compared to any average Cameo piece. The contrast is so strong you assume (like we did) this coin was carved from a frosted block of ice. Miss Liberty and every detail are needle sharp in strike and have the thickest most powerful snow-white frost you will ever see. The eye appeal of the coin is breathtaking and one you will never forget! PCGS 1, NGC 1, CAC 2. PCGS has graded 2 coins in PR68 DC (one of which sold for $27,025 in 2012).  It needs to be noted PCGS has graded NO  OTHER pieces in DCameo -even the lesser grades. That is unbelievable! You are certainly NOT going to have a chance at buying another of these any time soon! Even if you are not building a PR Barber 25C (which we highly recommend) this is a coin you will never want to move out of your eye sight!  1903’s can come nice, but never like this.


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