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25C 1906 PCGS PR67


Item# 54711

OMG WOW! Picasso could not have created a better modern masterpiece! The quality is extremely high end! PCGS is crazy for not giving this piece a +.

Deep mirrors really explode from all over. They have bold clarity, are super clean, and have stunning reflection. An amazing display of Mother Nature’s finest work beams from the obverse. Totally original shades of electric pale magenta/violet/royal blue/azure blue/bold purple/gold sort of circle around. Between the wild glam toning and glittering watery mirrors you think you’re in Lake Mead by Vegas looking at the lights of the strip! The reverse is more a moderate blue/gold/green/tangerine color combination. Miss Liberty and the details are needle sharp ins trike. The eye appeal is jaw dropping!

Only 675 were minted. PCGS 22, NGC 28, CAC 12. The last PCGS CAC piece to sell at auction brought $4,230 in March 2016 and we assure you, it looked NOTHING like this coin! We think the colors alone add significant value here (if it were toned Morgan it would sell for “beyond moon money”)! If you love gorgeous heart pounding colors and the BEST quality, this coin is for you!



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