What a superb and wonderful 25C piece this is. Pristine surfaces are just that-totally unmessed with. Even using a strong glass you will only be more impressed. The texture is silky smooth and leans towards satiny. A really strong luster beams from all over and highlights tiny specks of original toning. Overall, the coin is a GEMMY white. Miss Liberty and the details are remarkably struck. Even the rivets in the shield show no weakness. The eye appeal is gorgeous! PCGS 38, NGC 16, CAC 19. In 2016 these have sold at auction between $3,055.00 and $4,700.00. This coin will make a great addition to ANY GEM Standing 25C or Type set. We assure you, this coin WILL more then please the pickiest buyer! WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST  PRICE


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