25C 1930S PCGS MS67 FH


This coin is superb in every respect! No question this piece is totally original. Absolutely immaculate surfaces are satiny and are embraced by a strong unbroken luster. Even using a strong glass and searching for along time will yield you no impairments of ANY size, any where. A wonderful mix of original moderate golden brown/pale green/gold colors swirl all over and blend with creamy white colors. This coin does not appear ever to have been dipped. We know its was never messed with. Miss Liberty and the details are above average in strike.Two of  the rivets in the shield do show softness which is more typical. The eye appeal  is great! PCGS 25, NGC 30, CAC 18. According to our records, prior to this coin selling, the last 1930S to sell in auction brought $17,625.00 07/2015. One was too high, the other too low (in the same 2015 sale one brought $8,812.50). Still, the market really has not fallen much on these ever popular not too easy to find coins.


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