25C 1947-D PCGS MS68


Think about this-30+ years of operations and this coin is the LONE MS68. THE FINEST  graded. The BEST 1947D. The grade is no gift. It is clear this coin sat totally undisturbed since it left the bank 72 years ago. Now it is preserved hopefully forever!

Absolute PERFECT surfaces adorn both sides. Even if you use a strong glass, the perfection does not disappear. Now the fun begins. Add a glowing luster that beams intensely from all over. Then Mother Nature drenched the coin with just the right shades of purple/blue/reddish gold/green on the obverse with lighter shades of the reverse. GW and all of the details are exceptionally struck. The eye appeal is off the charts!

PCGS 1, NGC 1, CAC 1. This coin last sold for $15,275.00 01/2013. Nearly 7 full years ago now! This coin will be a tremendous fit in ANY Type or MS Washington set-especially now that there is a PCGS CAC Registry. An interesting note: CAC has beaned 67 total MS68’s (one date 1939 -has 10 beaned). These numbers are so tiny overall-especially when you realize this includes 10+ years of CAC operating and 30+ PCGS!


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