$3 1883 PCGS PR65 CAMEO


$3 pieces are so cool in GEM Proof. We’ve wanted to buy one for ages, but the prices have not found any we thought we “right” in many regards This coin is beyond “right”!

Shimmering mirrors are deep and beam boldly from all over. The mirrors have excellent clarity and are super clean (only with a glass can you see one tiny tick). When you twirl the coin the mirrors look like glass. A gentle “mist” of original gold toning is spread all over. This is NOT a dull or drab coin. It is just totally original!  Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and have thick frost. The eye appeal is great!

Only 89 were minted. PCGS 3, NGC 7, CAC 2. The last PCGS PR65 Cameo to sell in any auction brought $36,000.00 way back in 11/2006! That is an insanely long time for none to have appeared. The current prices guides are all wrong. We can not stress enough what a  great “put away” coin this is. Of course it is also a great long term hold too-especially  when it took 13 years for this coin to pop up. This coin is more then an opportunity!


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