WOW! This boldly mirrored and super contrasted SUPERB GEM stopped us in our tracks. This coin is superior to several of the other 1866 PR67’s!

Both sides are flawless. The mirrors are exceptionally deep and smooth and reflect brilliantly in the light. When you twirl the coin the mirrors look like a freshly formed sheet of ice. The fully struck details are highly frosted and are wonderfully contrasted against the mirrored fields. There is a faint hint of original all over. The contrast is so BOLD the reliefs seems to jump from its holder. The eye appeal is totally jaw dropping!

Only 725 proofs were struck. PCGS 6, NGC 8, CAC 4. The price guides are incorrect for this date and grade. Here you have a magnificent 154 year old SUPERB GEM piece that has few peers. Why shouldn’t it be worth $25,000.00? These are too cheap!

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