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Item# 56248

This is nothing less then a MONSTER WONDER COIN!  Its also so high end we did resubmit it seeking a +. Yet another wonder of the coin world as to why not?

The mirrors are deep and bold, offering extremely clear and deep reflection. When you twirl the coin, mirrors look like an icy river of of flash. You can see this coin from across the room. This coin looks like it was carved out of a highly polished block of nickel. Miss. Liberty and the devices are fully frosted and very well struck. The surfaces are totally FLAWLESS and pristine! You will not find a finer example, anywhere!

PCGS 2, NGC 0, CAC 1. This coin has been off the market since April 2010, when it sold in an internet only auction for $11,500. Today the PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $17,500. Try and find another–Good luck! Opportunity knocks very loudly here!

3CN Prood are a series we most highly recommend. They are simply too cheap (in our opinion).


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