WOW! This monster headlight GEM is the FINEST KNOWN for the date. One look and you will more then agree. Incredible and borderline ULTRA deep mirrors beam from all over. These mirrors are ultra clean, have ultra amazing clarity, and are of course-ultra reflective! Only a small die flake at 2:00 on the obverse is what keeps this coin from being a full PR68 CAM. The mirrors look like a freshly formed sheet of ice. Every detail is pinpoint sharp in strike and has thick iridescent creamy white frost. The contrast is bold while the eye appeal is nothing less then spectacular! PCGS 9, NGC 9, CAC 5. Obviously this is the ONLY PR67+ CAC by PCGS. NO DCameos exist in 65 or finer. If you love incredible coins are building a top PR3CN set (which cane be completed), this coin afford a tremendous opportunity! It took 30 years for it to appear (PCGS life so far). WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE! 


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