3CS 1862 PCGS PR67 CAC


One thing Legend knows better than any one else-PR 3CS pieces. The President of Legend owns the FINEST PR 3CS set EVER and has built sets that would easily rank in the top 5 if ever posted. We unhesitatingly pronounce this coin one of the greatest PR 1862 3CS pieces we have ever seen (and we own the PR67+ CA)! Incredible mirrors are as deep as you could imagine. The clarity is amazing and the cleanliness is remarkable. Of course the reflection is stunning. There is a tiny planchet chip that probably keeps this coin from being a PR68.The mirrors look like a freshly formed sheet of ice. Both sides were probably painted back int he 1960’s by Mother Nature as they are totally psychedelic. Electric shades of totally original royal blue/pale violet/lime/baby blue swirl all over evenly (like wow man)! Every detail is needle sharp in strike and has delicious thick iridescent frost. The eye appeal is totally gonzo! ONLY 550 were minted. PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. Since the 67 CAMEO is not and will not be available, this is the FINEST PR 67 3CS 1862 you will ever have an opportunity to buy. This coin is wild and special, if we did not have a business partner, we would keep it! Obviously NO PCGS coin ever has sold in auction.The last PR66+ (NOT this coin) brought $5,875.00 04/2013. And yes, we really did pay $30,550.00 for our PR67+ Cameo. We KNOW this UNDER-rated rarity is priced more then fair.


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