3CS 1866 PCGS MS66+


A BORDERLINE MS67! We think only a few light lines of Mint Made Mint grease is what is keeping PCGS from designating this wonderful piece a full MS67. This coin does have amazing qualities. The surfaces are remarkably clean overall. Only with a super strong glass can you detect a light stray line and some light clash marks (Mint made). The surfaces are also fully prooflike and enjoy a booming luster. A coating of totally original auburn/purple/olive colors adorns the peripheries only. Every detail is needle sharp in strike and has thick frost. The eye appeal is great! PCGS 11, NGC 12, CAC 4. This is the lone MS66+ graded by PCGS. the numbers look good for this coin. The last MS66 (no +) that sold in auction brought $8,812.00 10/2015 while an MS67 CAC brought $11,750.00 10/2015. We feel our offering price for this rarity is more then reasonable! WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE!


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