This is a really great beautifully toned PR 3CS. It has SUPER HIGH END quality and great looks! We should know-we’ve built the top 3 sets in the Registry! Shimmering mirrors are deep and beam vividly from all over. They are also crystal clear, super clean, and have bold reflectivity. Both sides are evenly covered by a magnificent mix of totally original olive/purple/violet/pale navy/deep green colors. The colors really do sparkle. Every detail is pinpoint sharp in strike. The eye appeal is stunning! Only 625 were ever minted. PCGS 13, NGC 10, CAC 15 (the actual pops much less). An average and not wildly colored piece sold for $2,938.00 08/2015. We assure you, this piece is well worthy of its price-coins like this are really “on sale” in today’s market! WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST RICE!


SKU: 21321