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Item# 50433

This earth quaking coin is from the Legend Collection of PR 3CS-not only the #1 set , but a Hall of Fame set!  All the hard work has been done for you in finding what has to rank as one of the wildest toned PR 3CS in existence!

Deep and explosive mirrors beam from all over. They have extreme clarity and are loaded with powerful reflection. Overall, the mirrors are clean-however with a strong glass you can detect a light scattered line or two (that’s all the keeps this coin from a PR67+). The color rank a 11-on our famous 1-10 scale (10 is the best) we used for the wild Northern Lights Morgan Collection. Neon like shades of blue/royal blue/green/gold/violet wildly shine from both sides. Every detail is needle sharp in strike. The eye appeal is not only jaw dropping but is one you NEVER will forget!

ONLY 625 were minted. PCGS 3, NGC 0, CAC 4. In PR66+ PCGS only has graded this coin while grading 4 higher. Still, we have seen few other coins with toning anywhere as spectacular as this coins. If this coin (Mother Natures ultimate masterpiece for 3CS) was good enough for the all time #1 set, it will be a WOW in your set for sure!


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