We have seen many GEM’s and several near GEMs of this Type. With out any hesitation we grade this coin a VERY REAL MS64+.9!  Before 3 rd party grading there is no doubt in our minds this coin was called a GEM MS 65. Incredible surfaces as pristine as you will ever see. Even using a strong glass all you can find is one tiny microscopic tick. The surfaces also have strong mirrors that put on some show. The mirrors off tremendous clarity and an intense flash. Both sides are a killer original brilliant gold/deeper gold color. There are NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and have thick frost. The eye appeal is tremendous! PCGS 37, NGC 3, CAC 14. PCGS has graded only 6 cons in MS64+ and 6 finer. We would challenge this coin’s quality and eye appeal vs any NON CAC GEM!  Forget about published prices here. We paid MORE then the current Collectors Corner value of $34,500.00. Trust us here, with the next step up at $99,875.00 (08/2014), this coin is priced really right-even cheap for the quality! We’re not hyping the coin just to sell. This coin is ULTRA high end and is real Legend quality. Its the kind of we saw it in an auction we’d be ready to pay what it takes.


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