In Legend’s strong opinion, this coin is one of he all time great Charlotte Mint pieces that survives. Maybe a handful (of other dates) are equal or better for the entire production from the Mint. This coin is clearly SUPER HIGH END in quality. Plus, this is one of our ALL TIME favorite coins (yes, we really like this more than the $10 million dollar 1794 $1 we bought for our partner)! Remarkable surfaces reveal only a few tiny scattered ticks when viewed with a glass.The surfaces also have FULL prooflike mirrors. The luster is intense too. Both sides are a heart pounding totally original orange gold color. There are NO spots or discolorations on the high points. Every detail is needle sharp in strike and has light frost.¬†There actually is cameo contrast. The eye appeal is sensational! PCGS 2, NGC 2, CAC 1. NONE are graded higher anywhere. It is estimated that less then 250 1853C survive in ALL grades. It is our opinion this coin clearly ranks as the finest known. The last auction record for this coin-05/2008 where it realized $51,750.00 and was not CAC at the time. The fact this coin is one of the top examples period from an obsolete Mint to us makes it even more desirable. Plus, it blows away just about any MS64 that is a common date that you expect to look really good! We’ve owned this “old friend” before and consider it a once in a life time historic piece.


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