We don’t know which is cooler, the fact this rarity exists, or the fact it was from a real treasure ship that sat n the ocean floor for 100+ years! The quality of this coin is undeniable MS64! There are a few scattered small ticks/lines that can really only be seen by a strong glass. The surfaces are smooth and are slightly satiny. Both sides enjoy a strong booming luster. You really can NOT tell this coin has been on the ocean floor for 00+ years. A nice even gold color is spread all over. There are NO spots or discolorations anywhere. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck and do stand out. The eye appeal is great! PCGS 1. There are NONE higher from the Ship. PCGS has graded only 2 regular coins higher. The rarity of this date in Choice MS and higher is unquestionable. In fact, the lone PCGS MS65 sold for $40,700.00 in 1991!!!! Got that? That is 27 years ago! The actually “Ship Wreck” premium here is modest. The opportunity is tremendous! You really only have 3 opportunities to buy an 1856 $5 in Choice MS. Legend Numismatics is proud to own and offer this extremely rare higher grade Ship Wreck rarity.