This coin is nothing less then incredible. We do rank it EXTREMELY HIGH END!  It is also pedigreed to one of the greatest gold collections ever built-Eliasberg. This coin is total numismatics nirvana! First, it needs to be noted, this a Roman finish proof. The surfaces are flawless and the saint finish is sharp and unbroken. The surfaces absolutely emit that satiny smooth Roman finish look. A bold luster can be seen from yards away. Every detail is pinpoint sharp in strike. We simply to do not understand why this coin is not graded any higher. Regardless, it has eye appeal that is remarkable! PCGS 8, NGC 5, CAC 7.  Only 5 total pieces are graded higher. The last PCGS CAC piece to sell in auction brought $58,750.00 back in 08/2016. Prior to that NONE had ever appeared in auction! In fact, even in PR66-NO PCGS coin coin has sold via auction since 2005! Be glad this piece is not in auction. Are these rare enough? They certainly are beautiful!


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