$5 1916-S PCGS MS64+


We’d bet that prior to 3rd party grading this coin was called a GEM MS65. There is so little that separates it from MS65 (we rank it a real MS64.8+++). If you seek an average or nice piece, this coin is not for you. This piece is at the very top of the quality rankings!!!

Absolute immaculate surfaces are spread all over. Even if you use a strong glass and look really hard, you will only find a very trivial scattered microscopic tick or two. We think that is all that keeps this coin from full GEM status. The surfaces thick satiny texture is adorable. Other outstanding qualities include: a full booming satiny luster. Both sides have an awesome even gold color. There is not even a hint of any spots, dots, or discolorations anywhere. The eye appeal is tremendous!

PCGS 103, NGC 60, CAC 23. PCGS has graded 30 in MS64+. The last one to sell in auction brought $8,225.00 09/2018. It should be noted prior to that these were selling for $10,500.00 to $11,750.00. You can’t beat the timing of buying a coin like this. For sure, the quality out ranks the majority of t other 16S pieces. A full PCGS CAC MS65 would easily cost $35,000.00+ -if you could even find one! Opportunity more then knocks here-especially if you are into true quality! WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE