What an impressive coin. When you hold it and feel its weight while checking out its quality you probably will have tingles running down your spine. Yes, this coin is HIGH END!

Immaculate surfaces are super impressive. The ONLY fault we could find (and it took a strong glass and lots of looking) is a small possible thin line or even cut (?) on the head. It is invisible to the naked eye. The surfaces are smooth. A very decent and easy to see luster beams from all over. Both sides are a GEM original Pan Pac gold color. There are NO spots or discolorations. All of the details are very well struck. The eye appeal is super!

PCGS 98, NGC 151, CAC 39. The current PCGS CAC value is $145,200.00 (which we think is too high-as they seem to sell between $110-$120,000.00 in auctions). Do NOT be fooled by the pops, PCGS CAC Rounds in MS64 do not pop up in any frequency. Opportunity knocks loud if you always wanted one!

*Buy this and the Octagonal for $230,000.00 as a pair! 


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