50C 1794 PCGS AU53 O-101


Multiple WOW factors here! This coin is such a SUPERB GEM AU we believe  it is god’s gift to all 1794 50C (except for Simpsons  1794 in MS64).  Of course PCGS grades these coins ridiculously too tight. We can assure you this monster of an AU is not one of those you have to question “is this an XF”  or an AU?”.  It absolutely is one of the BEST  AU’s we have ever seen or handled. For a 1794 50C, this piece has mind boggling surfaces. Not only are they incredibly clean, but they actually have a fair amount of ORIGINAL luster. We sold an MS61 that did not have anywhere near the “pop” this coin has. There are NO adjustment marks (that is huge).  The luster does bring out the best of gorgeous and even totally ORIGINAL toning of deep pewter/gold/pale navy/pale purple colors. Miss Liberty and the details are exceptionally struck and show strong detail. There is NO rubbing on the high points and the wear is light and even. The eye appeal is tremendous! PCGS 2, NGC 8, CAC 1. this coin has NEVER been in auction. In fact it has been away with an incredibly picky Early Bust coin specialist collector. As we mentioned before, we immediately wrote the check for the coin when we saw it. You will too! The Newman AU 55’s were all weak or cleaned and do not come close to this coins quality. We cannot stress enough what a wicked cool opportunity this is for any Early Bust Half Collector-or cool coin lover!