This is a wicked cool Bust half that also happens to be wicked RARE! In the Newman Sale, this coin was a NGC MS63 CAC. We think PCGS showed NO mercy and was beyond tough. The surfaces are remarkably clean and smooth. We used a glass and really studied the surfaces hard and have only become more impressed that MS63 was the right grade (but we all know what happens when PCGS sticks to its guns). A surprisingly strong luster illuminates monster album color rings of blue/green/gold/violet that adorn both sides. The centers are a medium silver. Miss Liberty and the details are lightly frosted and have above average strikes. The eye appeal is phenomenal! NOTE: This is the first year of issue for one of the most popular coin types in the entire US series, the Capped Bust half dollar designed by John Reich. The first reverse for the type had a mint engraving error, the die sinker mistakenly began by punching a 20 into the die, realizing his error, he partially effaced the errant 2, and punched the correct 5 into the die. This was first paired with an obverse that broke very quickly after striking, creating the ever popular “Bearded Goddess” variety. The reverse was still intact and was paired with this obverse which held up much better, as the O-112 is a R-1 variety, and often the variety chosen to represent the 1807 date in a date set. PCGS 4, NGC 2, CAC 1. Do NOT be fooled by the pops-this is an extremely rare date in ANY grade of true MS. In an NGC holder in Newman 11/2013, this coin realized $21,150.00. We were thrilled when the collector who bought the coin directly out of the sale sold it to us recently as he now has a better one (Pogue). If you are a serious Bust Half collector and LOVE gorgeous color and real high end quality, this coin is for you!

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