50C 1819/8 PCGS MS65 LARGE 9 0-105


This coin was brought to us by a very nice dealer who knows we like really cool coins. It immediately got our attention. Finding true GEM Bust Halves with pretty original color is VERY hard. Plus, this coin maybe the finest for the 0-105 variety. One thing that immediately impressed us was how “alive” this coin is. You could see the FULL booming cartwheel type luster from across the isle. Can’t say too many Pre 1820 hales display that. Once we examined the coin, we found the surfaces to be virgin with not even the tiniest tick or scuff to be found (even using a strong glass). There are a few thin die cracks and clashing marks to be found but those are Mint made. Both sides are a gorgeous swirling mix of totally original pale navy/rose/gold/magenta colors. This is NOT one of those “flat” or drab toned Bust Halves you see. Miss Liberty and the details are extremely well struck. The eye appeal is great! PCGS 3, NGC 0, CAC 2. PCGS has graded only one 65+ and possibly 2 MS66’s higher. The last auction appearance for a 1819/8 in PCGS CAC MS65 brought $27,600.00 08/2012 Stacks. An MS66 last sold for $41,125.00 09/2015 and was NOT CAC. We can’t imagine what kind of crazy strong price this coin would have realized had it been in Pouge. BUT its not in Pogue and we are marking it a little over what we paid. This coin is housed int he NEW green tag 30th Anniversary holder.  

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