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50C 1826 PCGS MS66 CAC


Item# 21305

We assure you this coin is the real deal. It is not a drab so/so just made it MS66. There is nothing not to love about this GEM!

It is a pleasure to examine the pristine surfaces. Even with a strong glass there are NO impairments of ANY size, ANY where. The surfaces actually appear slight proof-like. A really strong luster beams from all over. It also enhances the beautiful and totally original colors of pale olive/gold/reddish gold. Of course Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have sharp strikes. The eye appeal is fabulous!

PCGS 8, NGC 19, CAC 10. Prior to this coin appearing on the market, the last auction record for an 1826 PCGS MS66 CAC is $29,375.00 07/2013. Do NOT let the pops fool you, these are NOT common. This coin is housed in an older holder and was off the market for a long time. Had it been in Pogue, it easily would have sold for $30-$35,000.00. We are re-posting this coin at a VERY good price. We assure you, as time goes on you will find fewer GEM Bust Halves offered. Opportunity knocks VERY loud here!


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